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Rum Rootz, Taste of the Caribbean is a fun event celebrating exciting rums and food from the Caribbean. Rum or rhum is celebrated in the Caribbean and is the drink of choice for most Caribbean people. It is used in drinks, cooking and for medicinal purposes. At Rum Rootz, rum will be served neat/shot for tasting and in cocktail.

" Tasting rum is a sensory experience that requires some discipline and understanding of the medium to make the most of the opportunity. A small sip is all you need to understand the flavor profile of rum. At fine tasting events, quarter ounce samples are served, and that's more than enough to discern and savor the intent of the producer." Quote from Robert Burr.

The Taste of the Caribbean will include Caribbean food, cocktail and coffee.

Food from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Vegan offering.

This event is a Fund Raiser for the Shelton Project